Do I really need this Crackberry?

I've become one of "them." One of those annoying people carrying around a Blackberry. My Blackberry was activated yesterday and I found myself on the metro yesterday evening checking my email. I hate, hate, hate having a blackberry because it ties me to my job after the workday is over. I don't see why such a lowly staffer as myself needs one and I fear that I will end up checking my messages at inopportune times like so many other folks do.

For example, there have been so many times that I've been talking to someone and they pause to check their Blackberry. "Keep talking. I'm listening," they tell me. Yeah, right. It's so rude and I don't think that anyone is so important that they need to be connected 24/7 to their job. Same goes for cell phones. I always observe the right to keep my phone on silent or turned off. I don't want folks to have constant access to me and the ability to invade my free time.

So I have a Blackberry, but I refuse to become addicted. For now, it sits in my bag turned off--right next to my silenced cell phone.

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