Memorial Day Thoughts

I love men in uniform.

Last night, I went to an event attended by veterans. I guess my supervisor’s husband noticed me checking out the Marines because he asked, “Are you single? I know my wife likes men in uniform. How about you?” I didn’t respond other than to laugh and to keep laughing at my own good fortune. So many Marines, so little time. Ahh, if only we had gone to NYC during Fleet Week!

Let me say it again: I love men in uniform. Particularly military uniforms but I also like men in well-made suits and even cute police officers. I guess it’s the idea that they are disciplined, strong and able to protect me from harm.

I got to chat with one Marine last night. We started talking about music but the conversation soon turned to guns and war. He was only 20 and joined the Marines right out of high school to serve during the current conflict. He told me he’d rather die young out in the field serving his country than as an old man here at home. That is very valiant and brave but as I told him, I’d rather die as an old lady surrounded by all my grandkids and great-grandkids. I’m just as patriotic as the next person and I respect the service of the military. In fact, when I was young, I often thought about joining the Air Force or Navy because it seemed exciting and honorable. But no matter how much I respect the military and want to honor my country, I can’t see myself having a gun or being a part of killing someone else--even if from hundreds of miles away and for the “right” cause. I think it is wrong to end another life and no hypothetical or real situation can undermine that core belief. People say that war is a necessary evil but there just has to be another way... (Right now Lennon’s “Imagine” is looping in my head.)

It pisses me off that so many of my generation are perishing or becoming injured in the current conflict. These are our brothers and sisters, best friends and lovers, parents and role models that have sacrificed in the name of America. I honor them but I do not honor the leaders that started all this. I understand the perceived need to “defend the homeland” but I plead for another way. Another world in which people put aside their differences, greed, and selfish interest for the greater good. I believe in a peaceful world and I hope to figure out how to create that world. I want our military men and women to serve, but I want them to serve honorably in an time of infinite peace.

I love America but more than that, I love the Earth/creation/the cosmos. I want to defend America but more than that I want to defend the Earth/creation/the cosmos.

Gosh, I don't know where all that come from. Here's the bottomline: I hope that I'm around and healthy long enough to truly experience the world. And you better believe that I want to be around to admire and ogle many more young men in uniform. And perhaps one day, I'll snag one of my own.

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