Spring Fever & the Man-Fast

Well, it is spring again and I'm already feeling the effects of the warmer temperatures. It was only one year ago that I let my spring fever get the better of me. I think (and I hope) that I will have more self-control this year.

I don't know what exactly it is about the springtime that makes me particularly open to finding Mr. Right. I've learned that my idea of finding Mr. Right is finding husband and not just a random guy to hookup with or to date for a while. I want the real thing and I'm willing to wait for the real thing.

But these damn warm temperatures are making it hard for me to recognize the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now. No, I haven't been tempted (yet) but looking around me, I recognize a few possible summer flings (that will only leave me more jaded that I already am). There is the guy at work, the friend of a friend, the CVS pharmacy tech, the guy on the metro, the Whole Foods helper, the generous bartender, the model in the CK ad…the list can go on.

I think that the only way to combat spring fever is stay at home and avert my eyes away from all the sweaty guys playing Ultimate and soccer. Perhaps, I should continue to cocoon myself in bulky coats and turtlenecks--even after the temperatures reach 90 degrees. Wearing cotton skirts and tops over freshly exfoliated and moisturized skin is just too much of a reminder that I am a woman. A single woman looking for a single man.

But don't get too excited, friends. My man-fast is still in effect. It will just take more willpower to fast now that I am confronted by so much lovely potential.

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