Happy Birthday To Me!

Indeed, it's going to be a good day. I spent the morning doing a few sun salutations to Depeche Mode, Billy Idol and Marvin Gaye. Yoga was cancelled last night so I'm not in a total Zen-like mindset today inspite of my mini-session this morning. But who could be when you spend your yoga session wriggling your hips along to Enjoy the Silence.

Even without yoga, I had a good evening last night. I went to the playground for a bit of personal reflection on the swingset. I also viewed my latest guilty pleasure CW shows, and I watched the Marvin Gaye documentary on PBS. It was so disturbing. I love Marvin Gaye and I am so sad that he couldn't overcome "his demons (e.g., the family dysfunction and drugs). It is so sad that such a creative genius died so soon and in such a way.

I don't feel older today but fulfilled. It has been crazy and amazing year and I can only hope that I can spend the rest of my life going through ups and downs with so many great friends

It is odd to pass my birthday at my new workplace. Everyone is very happy for me but it's not the same as celebrating your birthday at a workplace of friends. I miss the LB, especially on days like this. But no worries. I'll see most of them tonight for what should be a very good evening of strong drinks and tasty food.

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