Ode to Fruit Tarts and Firehook

As I lustfully bite into my fruit tart from Firehook, I want to acknowledge how amazing the desserts at Firehoook are. The cookies are sweet and monstrous (as big as a baby's face!). The muffins are moist and delicious. The fruit tarts...oh the fruit tarts...are amazing

To celebrate my 25th birthday at my last job, a coworker bought me a fruit tart from Firehook, and I fell in love. When I was in Paris, the cute little pastry shop near our hotel had amazing fruit tarts and croissants and every morning I stood in line for both.

I'm thinking of buying a tasty cake from Firehook for my birthday tomorrow. The only problem is keeping myself from ravaging it with my fellow coworkers before my birthday happy hour.

Firehook rules. So do midday desserts.

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