Wanted: Language Exchange Partner

During my last Spanish language class, I realized that I need to practice my conversation skills. I repeatedly faltered in comprehending my teacher and in readily responding to his questions. I guess my weekly, informal Spanish phone calls with Floyd just aren't enough. My teacher recommended that we all practice with native speakers and even noted that getting an language exchange partner helped him learned English.

So that's what I'm gonna do. I've already talked to a few of my native and non-native Spanish speaking friends about setting up sessions over beer or coffee. But I don't feel ready to embarrass myself in front of them with my lack of vocabulary and comprehension. Sure, practice makes perfect and my friends will be understanding because they like me. But, I'm thinking of getting a stranger to be my partner and have a real language exchange--30 minutes for English and 30 minutes for Spanish.

Hopefully, it will help me become more comfortable with the language and be able to follow conversations given by people with different dialects and accents. Until then, I'll just be stuck watching the novellas and only half-understanding what is going on.

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