I heart Friday!

I found a bunny in my apartment complex's courtyard. It wasn't just a bunny, but a cute little baby bunny--probably the size of two fists. When I first saw the bunny in the shrubbery, I thought I was a rat, but looking more closely, I saw the cutest little nose and ears. It was perfect!

I ran inside to grab a bit of celery and carrots to put out for it. The bunny didn't move. It was frozen in place and afraid of me. But when I checked the area where I placed the veggies this morning and I could tell that the carrot had been nibbled, though the celery was untouched. How cute!!

I'm comtemplating kidnapping the bunny and taking him/her with me to Georgia. I know that there was at least one adult rabbit in our subdivision when I was in high school and it would be so cool to have more animals hanging out in our purposely overgrown backyard.

The Big Apple
I'm headed to NYC tonight to celebrate L-M's 30th birthday (and my own bday). L-M grew up in Brooklyn so I'll get to hang out with all her buddies and experience NYC with real New Yorkers. A-M is coming along and given that both L-M and A-M (and the rest of the crew) are crazy, this should be wickedly amazing and cool weekend.

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