Avoiding a Roomie Rift

I like to avoid drama like the plague. There is just no use for it in my life. But five roomies apparently has to result in at least a little drama and I'm not having it. No fears, it isn't major drama just a little passive aggressiveness on everyone's part. I think we are all too nice to have a major blow-out.

Yet, this weekend I was confronted by two roomies. First about my unpacked boxes (fine, you have point. I need to finish unpacking. but wtf, I just moved in AND provided lots of stuff to make the house better). The second issue is about the back deck, which is more-or-less off-limits because under the lease it belongs to the girl who lives in the back room. That works for me but I just wished that I had known about it ahead of time so that I wasn't perceived as an inconsiderate chick who didn't abide by the rules. This evening, I plan on moving my outdoor stuff to the front stoop and the basement to avoid any future problems.

I like my house and my housemates but I can see how certain riffs can be created if I don't play by the rules. Six roomies means that the house has a delicate balance. I can be the indifferent sort but I don't care to live in a house full of drama until '09. I'm not gonna rock the boat...not just yet.

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