Drinking the Kool-Aid

"Wow, you've really been drinking the Kool-Aid..."

That's what Floyd told me last night after I spent 30 minutes defending my boss's stance and efforts on the Iraq War and other issues. I now realize how insulated I am within my office and I can only imagine how hard my colleagues have to work to insulate our boss from attacks while ensuring that he is always informed. It's a tightrope walk, a delicate dance. There will always be folks that denounce every proposal that the Member puts forth. At the same time, there will always be folks that will commend every action and view regardless of how stale-groundbreaking, wonderful-horrible it is. You have to learn to always be mindful of the traditional line taken by both your detractors and supporters.

It's amazing how partisan the Hill is. I know that it is very silly for me to be saying that—of course, the Hill is partisan! I've always been a proud liberal Democrat but I find myself even more aligned with my party and further to the left as a result of my work on the Hill. Yes, I've studied group polarization and this is that psych concept in action.

So, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid. I've poured over our statements, listened to our rehearsed responses, and processed response letters in my boss's voice. Thankfully, my views aligned beautifully with my boss's before I arrived so there is no risk of me being brainwashed. Yet, for as long as I'm around, I will defend my boss because I believe that he and all of my coworkers (in positions of power) are mindful of the big picture and are truly committed to the interests of all Americans, young and old. Yes, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid but the Kool-Aid is good.

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