Screen on the Green: The Candidate

I ended up going to Screen on the Green last night. I had planned on going to sleep early but I grew restless around 7. I always say what's the use of having principles if you don't live by them. In the case of my "say yes whenever possible to social outings" rule, it was time to practice what I preach. So I grabbed a bus down to the Mall and met up with a former coworker and two of her friends.

Last night's showing was of The Candidate. I had seen the movie before, in high school, but it was nice to see it again—especially in light of this crazy election year. It is amazing how many of the themes, perspectives and issues that arise in the movie are still applicable today and to this year's presidential election (e.g., race, age, international conflict, the environment, the economy, and energy). It was a great, fun movie with good performances.

Aside from the few annoying bugs, late arrivers/early leavers, and this huge dog that was sitting near us and keep inching closer and closer to our space, it was a good experience. I always seem to forget how beautiful this city is at dusk and at night. Seeing The Candidate with the Capitol in the background was amazing and drew home the fact that I'm in an amazing city—full of selfless idealists who are fighting to make the world better, edgy wonks who are doing a great job of deciphering/muddling up the debate, and evil-doers/ambitious pricks that are only after glory, money and fame. I'm in the first camp, though my idealism wanes. I plan on fleeing this city before my dreams of a paradigm shift are totally crushed by the stark reality of the man, the machine, and money.

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