Saturday Blahs

I'm in one of the weirdest of moods right now. I think it relates to things finally settling. I've achieved most of what I set out to achieve this year so that now there is nothing to consume me—in the way that the job hunt, apt hunt, and Peace Corps app did during the beginning of this year. I still have my Spanish class to fill some of my time, and I guess I could (and should) always revisit my writing. But, it's weird to have all this free time now and lack of pressure to achieve the next big thing.

Work has been killing me lately. It's just me in the outgoing mail department and I have yet to truly tame our interns. I've gotten off to an unfortunately slow start this month. But that will all change starting this week. I've gotten my head around it all, I think, and I'm ready to re-conquer my position.

And yet, I still ask what's the next big thing? I thank A-M for reminding me that I should be having fun right now. She's right. I want and need to have a little diversion (no, not the sort of last summer). I don't yet know what form it will take but as of today, my door (and window) is open for whatever life brings my way.

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