Obama-rama fuels my soul

Last night, I attended an alumni event at which I was reminded how much is at stake in the upcoming election. In response to an attendee's comment that she was undecided between McCain and Obama, it was asked,

Who do you want to pick the next Supreme Court Justice(s)? Stevens and Ginsburg are getting older, and the Court wields amazing power to determine so many issues, including equality, reproductive rights, etc. Vote with that in mind.

I, for one, plan on working hard this fall to get more people behind Obama. This election is too critical for folks to not take the outcome seriously. Our country is facing many hardships and we need to move in a "new direction" to revitalize the spirit and image of our nation.

I am frightened by the thought of having 4 to 8 years of rule under McCain. I guess he can't be so much worse than misguided-Bush and evil-Cheney. But I refuse to be idle while folks stay on the fence or while angry Clinton supporters switch to McCain. I supported and voted for Clinton but I'm not stupid enough to turn my disappointment into support for McCain. He's not right for America and regardless of his service and extensive experience (hey, he's an old man, of course he has experience) he does not speak for my values, my views, and my hopes and dreams. Obama does.

Obama has the support of so many young, minority folks like me—and of course the support of the many others who came up before us. As my mother said, my grandparents and great-grandparents are rejoicing. Their struggle and the struggle of so many have come to the fruition of the Dream, as embodied in Obama's ascension and in this moment. It's a lot of pressure for any man and any administration, and I pray that he'll be smart and surround himself advisors and friends who will help him deliver.

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Monica said...

Let's talk sometime about what we can do in the coming months. I worked hard in '04 but am willing to work even harder this year.