Last move ever!

Dear me. Every part of my body hurts right now and I have at least one bruise or cut to match every box, container, suitcase, etc that I moved or shipped yesterday. I don't want to move ever again or rather, I don't want to move that much stuff ever again. It's amazing how much stuff a person can amass over a few years. A good amount went to Goodwill but the rest went to the new house. Luckily, the house's second living room/den was unfurnished. My stuff now allows for a great second area for gathering with friends.

The IKEA Clause
I used Starving Students to move my stuff. I've used them once before and have never had a problem. But Monday, I got a call at 630 AM alerting me that the movers would be there at 730-8. I jumped up and had the quickest shower and breakfast with my mom. Then, we waited. And waited. The movers finally showed up at 4 PM. It was a waste of time, but only partly. I used the time to clean up my apartment and get a few boxes picked-up by UPS.

So, my desk's hutch broke and given that SS has an IKEA clause, I don't get any cash for the damage. But it's true. IKEA furniture isn't made that well. It fits my budget but it isn't real, sturdy wood. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to afford real furniture that didn't come from IKEA or Target.

My mother is in town and she was a great help during my move. I also want to give a shout-out to G.F.A. and A-M who were super-duper helpful during my unsuccessful garage sale and in packing up my kitchen. I owe them a night of sipping frosty beers (or maybe just some horrible rum and popsicles) on my back deck as soon as I'm settled. Thanks to everyone who wished me well during my move and helped me pack (and offered/were drafted to help me unpack).

First night in a strange, new space
I already love my new room, and I think that once I get used to living with 5 other people, I will have a blast in the house and in the 'hood. Last night sorta felt like the first day of college when my mother moved me into my dorm. Like back then, my mother and I crammed several car loads of stuff into my room. Like then, my mother pulled off in her car at 10 PM—leaving me to face my roommie-strangers and my new living situation. I hope that I can unpack sooner rather than later and then start identifying NOW things that I can trash, donate, recycle. I've learned my lesson and I refuse to have as much stress and hassle during pre-Peace Corps move asI had to deal with during this move.


Heather said...

Congrats on the move! Take a nice hot bath and unpack later. :)

Miss you,

Organica said...

Congrats, Hippo! Wow, it sounds like it was a tough move. I'm glad you're settled - I can't wait to see you and to check out your new room!!

Thanks for reminding me what a pain it is to move large amounts of stuff. I have a little over a month now to pack up my apartment for my move. I'd better start making big piles for Goodwill, Craigslist, and the dumpster.