Tilly and the Wall

I went to the Black Cat last night to see Tilly and the Wall. It was a good concert, and actually a very good day.

I went to school with one of the band members and it was nice to chat with him and our other classmate (who also lives in DC). It was a mini-reunion of sorts that made me smile, though it mainly reminded of how quickly time flies. It was weird to see him after nine years. My recollection of him in high school was of quiet, straight-laced though odd guy. I can still see his high school mannerisms now but he seems older and more mature somehow and assumingly, to be having an awesome time.

The band was solid. Their sound and performance was a bit odd but I liked it. It was an eclectic mix of styles ranging from 60s/80s melodic pop to today’s alt-punk---with a bit of country/folk thrown in. Hmm…I don’t think that even makes sense. The key is that they had a lot of energy, and I loved the two lead vocalists. Of course, I was also amazed by the stamina of the tap dancer who kept the beat and the crowd pumped throughout the show. I really want a pair of purple sequinced wrist cuffs.

The openers were Exit Clov and The Ruby Suns. I really liked the sound of The Ruby Suns. They were all over the place but it was a fun ride.

A special thanks to my friend’s boyfriend for providing earplugs. The show was good but loud. I'm getting way to old to not be concerned about hearing loss. Good call, D.

One more thing. Guess what is coming up at the Black Cat!

Sun Aug 31- DJ Dredd Presents: PRINCE vs MICHAEL JACKSON vs MADONNA w/ live visuals

Oh, my! I am so there!

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