I feel like a dragon


My second Spanish class starts this weekend, and I am so nervous. I don't feel prepared, and I fear that the teacher will demand that I enroll in the lower level class that I just finished. I really need to improve my conversation skills. I posted another Craigslist ad for a language exchange partner, and I hope that the sessions I have lined up for Thursday and this weekend will get me ready.

Last night, I discovered Destinos on PBS! It was the novella that my university used to help students learn Spanish. I plan on watching it every night—as additional practice. I love my normal novellas (e.g., Fuego en la Sangre), but sometimes the actors speak too fast for me. Destinos is intended for learners so that the actors speak slowly and the vocabulary is generally basic.

Shared House Update!

Casualty of shared living: I haven't been seriously ill for many months. But now, I have a sore throat that won't go away. My throat is on fire and I feel like a dragon. I blame my new roomies, because two of them had sore throats last week. I forgot how illness spreads within a household. I remember exchanging countless colds with my college roomies and Floyd. Living alone sheltered me from other people's germs. Now, I've return to the land of illness exchange. Eeek!

We eat together: Our house is having another group dinner tonight. It seems like it is a regular occurrence in the house, which is making me quite nervous about what I will make when it is my turn. I suppose that it would be fitting to cook Southern food but I'm too lazy to slave over a hot stove making fried chicken, greens, mac & cheese, and cornbread. Mmm…that sounds really good. Maybe I will splurge and make some southern comfort food for my roomies--though really for myself.

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