One of the cardinal rules everyone learns is to not date/hookup with anyone that you work with or live with/near. I successfully avoided the cute boys that lived on my floor in college (not that there were many) and the cute boys that I’ve worked with.

But I’m being tested again, and I fear I might fail. I’m a sucker for accents and proximity. My cute Frenchman roomie has both. He’s already been in two of my dreams, and they were so real that I actually woke up seriously worried about how I would face him. Don’t worry. Our interactions in the dreamworld have been entirely PG, but I can only imagine how things might escalate in la-la-land and in reality. Just add beer and as Chatty Chica always says, alcohol + cute boys = fun/trouble.

I know what the problem is. It’s summertime, an extended spring fever. I will do my best to stay sane but dreams of an impossible rendezvous make it hard.

Speaking of an impossible rendezvous, I want to note that I wouldn’t have minded a rendezvous with my old classmate. Maybe, it’s just the whole rock star-groupie thing, but I was seriously aware of my “come-hither” body language while we were chatting. Yes, I know Celestyn! It is shocking and weird for me to say that, but I liked his vibe. Plus, it’s been a while.

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