Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

The one thing I truly love about my new place is its proximity to Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park. MHP rocks.

This morning, when I was packing my bag for a day at the Mall, it dawned on me that I didn’t have to go all the way downtown to sit, read and write under a tree. I could walk a few blocks to MHP. So that’s what I did.

I spent just an hour or two in the park, watching the ultimate Frisbee game and listening to a few locals drum and sing songs that reminded me of the little Buena Vista Social Club that I've heard. It was great. It was peaceful. It was beautiful. It was still cool out and a light breeze was constant. I sat under a clustering of trees and wrote, read, drew, and mainly just enjoyed the late Sunday morning. I plan on sitting in the Park every Sunday—as long as the weather cooperates. I still need to go in the afternoon to see the drum circle—perhaps next weekend. I’ve always loved being outside and sitting under trees and given my house’s issue with the deck, I think that it will be my new backyard.

Speaking of yards, I’ve decided that I will try to fix-up the front yard. It just needs a bit of sweeping and maybe a plant or too but it is a great front area for passing the evening. I sense that my neighborhood used to be a place where everyone hung out on the front stoop in the evenings and I hope that I can get that started again. It helps to create a sense of community and lets folks know that I am here. I just need to check with my housemates, resolve the critter problem, and then, I’m all set to start my new project (yay, I have a new project!). When I’m done, I plan on setting up my folding chair on the front stoop after dinner. All I’ll need is a 40 and maybe a small radio to keep me company until it catches on and I have a few neighbors and passersby to greet and eye.

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