Another Phase

So, Floyd and I are totally over for good.  For a while, we, or rather he, held out for a positive resolution.  It never came. I know that we both didn't want to lose each other.  But I didn't want to lose my best friend; he didn't want to lose his best friend and lover.  That was the ultimate difference.

So, I am quite lonely now without Floyd.  I feel a bit empty as if his spiritual presence has left my heart, my home and my mind.  My apartment remains filled with reminders of him and it is rare that I don't hear song or pass by a restaurant and not think of him.

But as always, I am hopeful.  I am hopeful of what tomorrow will bring and I am open to fully embrace whatever it brings, good or bad. 

This weekend, Floyd and I officially ended an important chapter of our lives.  It is a sad time but also a calm, hopeful time as I am now charged to spread my wings and fly.

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