Gotta make it through Monday!

Well, I survived a weekend of camping with the Lunch Bunch.  I made it back with all my appendages intact and only a minor heat rash and a dozen random insect bites (a.k.a., A-M "love nibbles"). 

It was really nice to be on the beach after nearly a decade away.  It was so pretty and calming to lounge in the sun.  We got to see dolphins, which was super cool too.  The camping experience wasn't that bad.  Although it wasn't "real" camping, I feel that I roughed-it enough sleeping in a tent and being woken by the bright sun and hysterically squeaking sea gulls.  I dread the day that I get convinced to go camping "for real" as I don't see myself digging a hole to poop and living off of one water bottle all weekend.  But never say never.

Ah, I have yet to start Harry Potter book 7.  I felt too tired, sunburned and itchy to settle down and read the book last night.  Plus, I felt uneasy that I hadn't reread the series and wondered what themes and plots of the finale I would miss given my fuzzy memory of book 6.  Also, I'm sad that I won't be able to share the seventh HP adventure with Floyd, the one who encouraged me to read the HP series.  Nonetheless, I will begin reading HP7 tonight.

On more thing, I would like to link to an interesting, though explicit, Justin Timberlake SNL skit.  I'm sure that at least a few of my visitors haven't seen it yet or perhaps, want to see it again.  And yes, A-M, my favorite part is the directions.

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