Camping + Harry = Weekend Fun!

Only a few hours more until the wonderful Lunch Bunch heads to the Delaware Seashore State Park for a weekend of camping.  I am excited but also nervous because I've never camped on the beach before.

Thankfully, I talked to one of my neighbors (the cool ones that always say hi) and they agreed to pick up my book Saturday.  So, all I have to do is stop by Sunday night to grab the book and begin reading.  I was quite concerned that my copy would get stolen given that I live on the first floor, right next to the stairway and the front door doesn't always lock properly.  But now, my worries are relieved and I only have to track down my neighbors when I get back.

I talked to Floyd again last night.  Although I had hoped that it would be our last conversation for a while, to give us some space, it appears that he remains unwavering in wanting to work things out.  I think that is great but as I told him on the phone, I don't want to pursue a romantic relationship with him or anyone else right now. 

I want to focus on having a good (and hopefully) last year in D.C. before going off to some developing country for 2+ years as a Peace Corps volunteer.  Thereafter, I'd love to get a job abroad or just use my savings to backpack through Europe before coming home to NYC, San Diego, or some other fabulous city that is on my list of places to live before I die.  Such a plan will make me quite transient over the upcoming years and I don't see the possibility of a serious relationship developing between myself and Floyd or someone else during that time.  I already did the long-distance thing and I don't want to do it again.  At least not right now.  Plus, I don't think I'm wired for flings...

I have already received my mother's blessing in regards to my plans.  She noted that I'm young, healthy, unattached and financially stable--perfect for traveling and moving around to try out new cities, jobs and experiences…aka to find myself.  Although I love D.C., I am anxious for new challenges and a new city.  I promised myself that I would leave D.C. by my 10th anniversary (unless I have an amazing job) and I will start my 9th year in D.C. this fall...

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