"Hold your head up"

As I was walking through the park after lunch, a guy mumbled "keep ya head up, sister" when he passed.  Automatically, I lifted my head up and looked straight ahead, instead of at my feet.  A mere 4 steps later, I tripped on an uneven brick.  See, I knew that there was a reason to look down.

I know that I've been rather downcast lately given my guy drama and stress relating my career and life goals.  The solution, I believe is finding a hobby.  Right now, I'm debating whether I should take violin or ballet lessons.  I think both would be a nice change and help me fill some of my free time (so that there is less time for fretting).  I don't know which, if either, I will choose.  I just know that I need to try out something new.

As for guys, I'm pretty much a single, unattached girl again.  I'm slowly moving beyond Floyd (though still hopeful that we can one day be friends) and accepting Mr. Rebound as a summer fling (and indeed, the summer is nearly over).  I think I should write about the developments of the past few months.  They were rather tumultuous for me, which isn't saying much given that no one died or was betrayed (though in Floyd's eyes...).  But still, I think I can work out a nice novel, handbook or even just a few blog entries out of this whole experience.  And I'd imagine that if I ever saw Floyd or Mr. Rebound or met Mr. Rebound #2 who (I hope) becomes Mr. Right, I could add even more chapters to my silly "looking for love" saga.

So anyway, yes, head held high, looking toward the sky.

I just hope I don't trip.

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