Yay, I didn't get food poisoning!

Last night, I had dinner with a college buddy, Night Runner, who I haven't seen in over a year.  We shared stories over pad thai at a restaurant we both used to love in college.


The big news is that she's married.  Night Runner is probably last person I ever thought would get married before me given her free-spirit.  But I'm really happy for her and I look forward to meeting her hubby.  Otherwise, she seems the same which is good.  I would hate it if the Peace Corps and living abroad had made her hard or less optimistic about the future.  She encouraged me to apply to the Peace Corps and it was good to get some "insider info" about the program.


On my way home, I ran into another classmate, Chachi—who Night Runner and I had talked about during dinner.  I love running into old classmates and given that a number of them stayed in the city, I regularly do.  In fact, one of my college roommate's friends was on the same flight to Paris as my mom and I.


My mother leaves tomorrow and I'm both happy and sad to see her go.  It was nice, though admittedly tiring to have her here—and more vexing to be in Paris with her given the close quarters and the fact that we spent all day with each other.  But I look forward to bonding over our last night together as I know that I won't see her until at least Christmas break.


No real updates on the guy front.  I still haven't figured things out but I feel less pressured and anxious about the situation now—which, I think, bodes ill for them both.


Btw, the title refers to the fact that a friend got serious food poisoning (that landed him in the hospital and bedridden for months) after eating at the same restaurant Night Runner and I visited.


Night Runner: Are you satisfied with your pseudonym?  I picked it because I always thought it was weird (and scary) that you'd head out for a run around 10 or 11 pm when we were in college.  The other option is Fruit Stand girl or 100% Honduran.

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