Hey, I already have a hobby & HP7 Update

While sitting in the park at lunchtime, I realized that I already have a hobby.  One of my favorite things to do is financial planning.  Thanks to my father introducing me to the world of investing as a child, I've always loved playing with figures and researching investment options.  For the past few months, I've been so busy planning my trip to Paris and working another job that I haven't had the time to focus on my finances.  Sure, my monthly budget is always on my mind, but setting and pursuing my mid-term and long-term financial goals is what really excites me.

So, nevermind about the violin lessons or ballet classes.  This fall, I'm gonna get serious once again about increasing my financial literacy and taking charge of my financial future.  I promised myself last January that I would more regularly review my financial health especially given the big-ticket expenses on the horizon (e.g., moving, going back to school, buying a house, etc) and my concern about retirement. 

I think I'll head to the library this weekend and revisit its collection of personal finance books.  Getting involved in a legit investment club would be very interesting as well.

* * * *

I still haven't finished reading HP7.  I had anticipated finishing the book by now, but alas, a late start, regular snack breaks, and an unwillingness to go to sleep after midnight has delayed my progress.  I'm now aiming to finish the book by Friday.  Then, I'm gonna reread the whole series and watch all the movies to make August 2007 HP month.  I can't wait!

Thereafter, you better believe that I'm gonna start reading chick-lit books again… Me and Mr. Darcy is already calling my name.

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