Happy Fourth & Bon Voyage!

Here's a recap:

I just got back from watching the fireworks on the National Mall.  As always, there were loads of people and the fireworks, particularly the heart, smiley face, and star pyrotechnics, were amazing.

Hedging Bets
I had a strained conversation with Floyd today.  I really miss him and just wanted to talk, but he asked me not to call unless I have something relevant to say (i.e., "I'm sorry and I want you to give me another chance because I regret everything I did").  He says that I'm selfishly hedging my bets when it comes to Floyd and Mr. Rebound (yes, I'm finally starting to admit it; damn your confusing emotions and face reality, foolish Hippo).  Perhaps, I am such a selfish, immature person…But i refuse to be any longer a typical neurotic, vulnerable woman who gets played...

Family Affair
After only one day, my mother is already driving me crazy with her 21-questions and everything else.  I now realize how much I value my space and alone time.  But I also know that I'm on a short fuse right now, so I just need to calm it down.  She is on my side after all…

Whatcha doing?
Ah, I've already planned out in my head all that I want to accomplish over the next two months--in terms of refocusing on myself in order to get over Floyd (as my friend, lover, boyfriend, confidant, mentor, etc of seven years!  How will I ever fill the void he left?) and feel less emotionally invested in Mr. Rebound (because he is, after all, a rebound guy and someone that I'll never actually end up with...Face it at once, foolish Hippo!).  There will definitely be some de-cluttering involved as well as solid personal and platonic bonding time.

Concluding Thoughts
I guess that's all.  I need to get some sleep as I still have a few things to get done tomorrow before we head to the airport--including signing my lease.  I've basically given up on trying to live downtown.  I'm quite concerned about having to give up my solo lifestyle, sense of safety, and moderate rent just so that I can more easily stubble home from the bar (oh, and walk to work).

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