Yay, Congress is in recess! All the Members are headed back to their districts and many staffers are taking a much-deserved break from politics and DC. Unfortunately, I'm not going anywhere. I want to save my days to campaign this fall (More on that later once I get approval).

I look forward to an amazing, hot August and then, lots of excitement in the fall. I plan on spending this month catching up on work, networking with the few folks that are sticking around, and focusing on my personal life (i.e., connecting with my new roomies, excelling in my Spanish class, and finalizing my Peace Corps medical app).

I didn't realize how tiring this month has been—full of stress and general craziness. But, it has been a good month. My teammate at work arrives on Monday and her presence will take some stress and responsibilities from me, which will be nice.

For the record, I donated money to the Obama campaign last night. I met the deadline to be entered in a contest to go backstage before his big convention speech. That would be cool, but more than that, it was just time for me to commit more than my voice and my vote to his campaign efforts.

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