Back from Miami

I took a last minute trip to Miami on Wednesday. Floyd called me Tuesday afternoon to let me know that he was headed to Miami for a business trip. He knows how much I love and idolize that city—mainly the warm weather and beautiful beaches. I stressed about going all day. I am definitely not the spontaneous type and I wasn’t sure how I would get those days off from my boss. So after conferring with my coworkers ("just call in sick!") and checking and rechecking my flight options. I finally book my ticket late Tuesday night and shoved the basics into a small bag. I was going.

I’m so glad that I went. The weather was warm and humid and the beaches were beautiful. I had briefly visited Miami once in college. Miami was even better this time. Unfortunately, his office didn’t book him a hotel on the beach so we stayed downtown. But, it worked out well. Floyd rented a convertible which enabled us to drive to Sobe if desired, and staying in downtown gave me easy access to shops, snack stops and public transit.

I went to Sobe on Thursday--exploring a few of the sites on foot before heading back to the hotel tired and sweaty. Later that night, we headed to Sobe for drinks and a walk on the beach.

On Friday, we headed back to Little Havana for meals and to check out the cantankerous, old men in Domino Park. It rained for a few hours, which forced Floyd to focus on work stuff at the hotel. I stayed with him most of the afternoon, only venturing out to run an errand and experience the Monorail system. That evening, we had a magical, sunset swim on the beach before heading to Coral Gables for dinner.

The most memorable thing about my trip, besides the sunset swim with Floyd and driving around Miami with the top down, was the food. The food was amazing. We ate in Little Havana three times. Breakfast at El Exquisito and lunch and dinner at Versailles. I can’t even begin to explain how delicious the black beans and rice, fried pork, yucca, etc was at Versailles. Plus, Versailles has a great bakery full of delicious sweets. El Exquisito’s café and café con leche beat Versailles’, and I consumed at least 2 cups on Friday (and was wired).

At times, the trip was rocky. Floyd and I have a very long, complicated history. Ours is a love-hate relationship that doesn’t seem to fade. I’m so all mixed up about us now. Seeing him reminded me of all the things I disliked about him (and why we had problems), but most importantly, it reminded me of how much I still care for him and how much I enjoy spending time with him.

Who knows when we’ll see each other again. Perhaps, this September. We’ll see where things go. I don’t plan on letting all this prevent me from enjoying being single in the city, but I will be more mindful that I'm still not over him.

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