Roommate Search ‘08

My house just finished our search for a new roommate. It was an easier process than I anticipated, and I hope that we made the right choice.

As on the Hill, it is all about whom you know. The guy we picked is dating a girl who is the younger sister of two of my classmates. He's from my hometown and that basically guarenteed my vote—once Frenchie objected to the older guy (33) that I was favoring. It would have been nice to get an older, more mature housemate. Instead, we have a 22 year old recent grad that seems to have a lot of energy though I don't think he has a job yet… Yes, I am concerned but he seems like the sort who has parents that foot the bill.

All four candidates we interviewed were fluent French speakers. In fact, one guy was fluent in 8 languages! This is problem for me, an insecure monoglot, who is barely able to hold a conversation in Spanish after months and months of studying. It brings up our house's French-fluency count to 3—that's half of the house! I guess I should take it as an opportunity to learn a few key French phrases, but so far, I've just politely demanded English-only when I've been in the room.

Another one of our roommates may be moving in with her boyfriend soon. So, we'll have to do yet another of these roommate searches. Hopefully, then we'll choose an replacement that meets my two requirements: older (27+) and a native Spanish speaker. Then, our house will be even: 3 French speakers and 3 Spanish speakers (though, I guess my roommate and I should only count as .5 of a Spanish speaker. We'll still learning).

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