“Truth, justice and the American Way”

Last night, I saw Superman on the National Mall. It has been such a long time since I saw that movie (15 years?), and it was great to see it as an adult (as there are many jokes that I don't think I would have understood as a innocent young'n).

Given that it was the last Screen on the Green of the summer, it was very crowded—and unfortunately, quite cool (what’s up the weather?!). I met up with G.F.A., A-M, and a friend from grad school. It was great to see everyone and to revisit an American movie classic starring the late, great Christopher Reeves.

In other news, Floyd will be in town this September. It will be great to see him again but also, weird for him to be in D.C. I know that he'll be making the rounds to visit all of his old friends (including me). I look forward to showing off my new digs and 'hood, but mainly, I want to just chill and enjoy his close proximity.

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