Relaxing in St. Michaels

Thank you, Organica, for a memorable weekend in St. Michaels. Running home from work Friday evening, I totally wanted to flake and just spend the weekend hiding under the covers—surrounded by snacks and dvds. Instead, I joined the Wheaton carpool to St. Michaels. I'm so glad I did.

I had a very relaxing weekend at Organica's family place. I ate lots of junk food, played lots of games, and laughed a lot. It was beautiful, welcoming, and just perfect. I can only hope to have a place like it once I get established.

Crabs, corn, and other veggies made up our Saturday dinner. For the record, I don't like Maryland-style crabs but the crabs themselves were very good and full of meat! It took so much work to pry open my two that I donated number three and opted for eating more delicious local corn and tomatoes.

So, now I'm back at work and wishing I could sit once again in the rocking chair, battle the hammock under the oak tree, and spy on the boaters. Instead, I'm stuck in the office under the glare of the fluorescent light, trying to convince myself to work.

Thanks again, Organica, for the weekend. It was a great Lunch Bunch last hurrah. I hope that we'll continue making memories for many more years to come.

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