Nothing to wear

I have two girl’s night outs coming up and I have absolutely nothing to wear. Most of my clothes are casual and everything else is basic office wear. While I was at Pentagon City over the weekend to order new glasses (soon, I'll be able to see clearly!), I checked out a few of the stores. But I couldn’t convince myself to purchase anything. The things that seemed age and style appropriate were not within my budget and the stuff that was in my budget didn’t seem like something a 27 year old should actually buy and wear (I love Forever 21, but aren’t I getting a bit too old for synthetics and jersey knits?).

I’ll just dig around my closet for something to wear to Friday’s GLOG trip to Tuscana Lounge, a new spot on K Street. But for my return to the club scene after a 9 year absence, I promise that I will scour the stores for something that is both appropriate and within my budget—or at least a good investment piece. I want to have an awesome club night with my coworkers and I want to impress myself and my coworkers with a "uncharacteristic" outfit. For me, of course that just means something short, fitted, and feminine.

I used to enjoy getting ready for the club when I was younger. But now, my efforts don’t go beyond donning a clean pair of jeans and a tank in order to head out to a grungy, dimly-lit bar. I do miss the club scene but I fear that it won’t be as glamorous and exciting as it was when I was 18 and confident/stupid/oblivious enough to wear a mini-dress and heels (a.k.a., hooker wear).

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