Nobody wants a brownie

I decided to surprise my coworkers with a batch of my scrumptious brownie bites. We had a lazy pizza party for the few folks that are still in town. Over half of the office has been out for the past few weeks and I know that no one will be here next week.

I wasn’t able to convince my coworkers to eat all 50+ brownie bites, so I started to take them to nearby offices on my floor. First, let me say that a few of the R staffers on my floor are really unfriendly--actually snotty.

I am very shocked and appalled to report that almost everyone refused my offer. No one has ever refused a brownie in my presence—definitely not a homemade brownie bite. I still feel the pangs of hurt and confusion. Sure, I understand that almost every office orders food on recess Fridays. But, to turn down a brownie? Now, that is just shameful.

I hope to use the Ghirardelli mix to make another batch of brownies next week or post Labor Day—to celebrate our last few days of recess and last days without those annoying, but oftentimes helpful, interns.

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Heather said...

That's ridiculous. Bring your brownie bites over here. I will eat them all and sing your praises. :)