City Club of Washington

I recently ventured to the City Club of Washington for a reception. It is a nice place with a tasty selection of wine (and I'm not a wine person).

I’ve never been to the City Club and in fact, didn’t know it existed before yesterday. Supposedly, it is one of the meeting places of the who’s-who of DC. Of course, no one was hobnobbing when I was there. Perhaps, because Congress isn’t in session. But it was nice to experience the club and see how the other half lives.

I can’t imagine that I’ll be hanging out at the Club anytime soon, if ever again. But I could see myself accompanying my super-rich, Mr. Big-like boyfriend/fiancĂ© to an event there.

I had a really great time. I chatted with the older alums and networked with the young alums. I also connected two super-sweet modelesque alums who made me feel like a dwarf, mutant. After years of avoiding all things feminine and stylish, I've decide that I need to buy a bag to arm myself against such women (who are a rarity in this city) and boost my presence at such events. I think that if I was armed with a good bag, and had worn heels instead of my cute flats, I would've held my own with those women without feeling awkward. So, that's on my list for this Xmas: a good, statement bag that doesn't break the bank. But I wonder if that even exists.

I'm sure that I will have many other new experiences in D.C. during the upcoming months--especially as the election and inauguration draw near. And next time there is a major reception, I plan on being armed with heels and a bag (not tomboy flats and slacks) that reflect my independent, 27 year old self.

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Hippo Q. said...

Here's a post from Heather that I had to remove for including my name:

You don't need heels to look/feel good! Maybe their feet were killing them and they were secretly thinking, "If only I had a pair of cute flats like [Hippo Q]. Then I could relax and make sparkling conversation instead of being distracted by my aching feet."

- Heather, a lifelong wearer of flats