My sister is expecting a baby, which means I'll be an aunt very soon. I'm definitely excited for her and her husband. I'm also very happy for my mother. It will be her first grandchild and I know that she can't wait to spoil him/her. Yesterday, she joked that she'll have to start saving money so that she can properly spoil her first grandbaby. The baby is due in March, which is cool because it is the month of my father's birthday.

I guess this whole situation will force my sister and me to finally mend our strained relationship. I know that I don't know how to be an aunt, and at this point, I don't really know how to be a sister. I guess I'll be forced to learn both in the upcoming months.

I have to admit that babies weird me out. It will be great to play with and spoil my niece or nephew but I still haven't mastered the art of holding, cuddling or soothing a baby. I prefer older preschool aged kids that don't need to be changed and are most happy using their imaginations to play.

My sister's pregnancy reminds me of my own fleeting youth. We're both getting older and as the years past, we'll increasingly only have each other. I guess it's time for me to finally grow up and be a whole person and an adult.


Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting! Tell your sister congrats from me. Babies are easy. All you have to do is hold them securely and sway back and forth and give them your pinky finger to suck on. Older preschool-age kids worry me, though. Once they develop a sense of self, they're little people who can have opinions about things - and sometimes they won't negotiate - so I'm scared of what's coming!

On the strained-relationship front, I think babies are famous for healing breaches. So I hope that will be the case for you and your sis.


Hippo Q. said...

Thanks, Heather. I'm sure you're right!

Btw, you're a great mother. I love seeing you cuddling little Hannah, and I can't wait to see you chafeuring her and her friends to soccer practice and the mall.

Monica said...

Congratulations to your sister and husband! March babies are the BEST! You'll be a fabulous aunt. GRU believes in you.

Hippo Q. said...

With GRU by my side, how can I have any fears?