Is it really August?

Our seemingly fall-like weather could have fooled me. I braced myself all summer long for the heat and humidity that has marked every August that I’ve spent in D.C. But where is it this year? Where is the oppressive heat and humidity that plagues the tourists and drives the locals out of town?

I actually donned a light sweater Saturday evening. That’s unheard of. Sure, I’d just returned from 95-degree Miami. But I expected more from D.C. This morning was the same—I was tempted to grab another sweater before heading out to work. What’s up with these temps?

I guess it signifies that the summer is drawing to a close. Lammas has passed (!), the days are shorter, and the daily low temperature is getting even lower.

It scares me that the summer is almost over, that these milder temperatures will only usher in cold temperatures that force me indoors—under the covers and near space heaters. I don’t know where the summer went. It was good, and of course, good things never last.

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