GreenFest 2006 - Washington, D.C.

Yesterday, I went to the Green Festival. I had a good time, though I was bit overwhelming by the number of people in attendance. I basically steered clear of the busy exhibitor hall, in favor of checking out the films and talks. I attended an interesting lecture on Biofuels (mainly biodiesel) and saw two good film shorts, the Hollywood 10 and Something Other than Other.

The highlight of my trip was seeing Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary. It followed immigrants on their journey from Central America to the United States. According to the documentary, about 3,000 people set out for America everyday and only about 300 make it. The immigration debate is definitely alive in the Beltway, and although I haven’t fully formed my opinion on immigration, I am disgusted by the racism and ignorance that tinge many discussions.

The film provided me with a fuller perspective of the people and issues involved in the immigration story: the border patrol (as related to US and non-US immigration policy), the immigrants, the safe houses, and the vigilantes. I also learned about the Mexican trains, corrupt officials, and gangs that threaten the men and women seeking the American Dream.

The film really got me thinking about the immigration debate and challenged me to become more fully comfortable about where I stand on the issue and why.

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