What should I be for Halloween?

Every year, I have trouble deciding on a Halloween costume. I’m just not very creative and I’ve always sucked at brainstorming.

I miss the college days when dressing vampy-er than usual was costume enough. We’d head to M Street or a random party or club and drink and gawk at the other costumes. Some of my favorite chick outfits were the pregnant Brownies and Girls Scouts or the group of gals walking around in skin-colored body suits during rush hour. The reaction of the commuters was priceless.

I have an orange 1970s leisure suit that belonged to my mom. I sometimes wear it to more tame Halloween outings. Paired with Charlie's Angels or Foxy Brown hair and makeup, it looks pretty good—an authentic flashback to my parent’s days. But it’s not creative.

I hope I find inspiration in the next few weeks; otherwise, the leisure suite will have to fill-in again.

Let me know if you have any great costume ideas to share.

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