If walls could talk? Mine do!

The walls of my apartment are pretty thin, and unfortunately, my bedroom shares a wall with my neighbor’s kitchen and living room. So, almost every night I can hear them talking or hear their dishwasher running. Sometimes it keeps me up, which is odd given that I used to live in a college dorm.

Anyway, Friday night, my neighbors had a heated argument. Basically, the man of the house came home late and announced that he had plans for the next night. The woman was pissed because they had already made plans both nights. After a while the argument got a little more heated and filled with more expletives. My favorite phrase was, “Who do you think you’re talking to? I’m gonna put a knife up your ass!” That was the woman.

I soon gave up trying to sleep and watched 2 episodes of Sex in the City. By midnight, thankfully all was quiet.

The next time, my neighbors decide to put on a soap opera for me, I’m gonna go over and ask them to keep it quiet. I shouldn’t have to listen to their problems when I’m minding my own business at home.

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