Farewell Lunch @ Work

Today, I had my farewell lunch at work. I was amazed by how many people attended--many more than my core group of assistant friends and program coworkers (almost 20!). My supervisor gave a very touching and humorous presentation of gifts. I was floored and overwhelmed because it was so nice and humbling. Of the gifts I got, I am most happy that I got a copy of the Dr. Seuss's The Lorax--the quintessential environmental book for kids. It might even bring along with me to Peace Corps to share with the community kids.

So, I have less than 2.5 days left at work. I still have some outstanding projects but all is well. I'm ready for my new position and ready for all the challenges that adjusting to a new work schedule, new coworkers and new tasks will bring.

My boss finally offered the congratulations that I'd be waiting for. He apologized for his less than excited response when I gave my two weeks notice and noted that it was a good "next step" for me. It is. So now, my boss is back on my good list and I'm ready to forgive all of the not-so-great things that have transpired during the past two years so that I can move on--without burning every bridge on my way out the door.

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