I heart teachers!

I’ve decided that I want to marry a teacher.

My family is full of teachers, and growing up, education and teaching was always a dinnertime topic (to my chagrin). So, given that I love the profession and admire and respect educators so much, it seems only natural that I would marry an educator. In fact, I couldn’t see myself marrying anyone who wasn’t a public servant. Sure, it would be great to marry a rich investment banker or entrepreneur, but I think that I’d be most happy and feel the most fulfilled if my husband shared my passion for service not only in his extracurricular pursuits but also in his career. This means that I'll probably have a moderate income all my life, and that's fine. As long as I have food and shelter, who am I to complain?

I know that this limits my pool of eligible men, and I imagine that if I find myself truly in love with a rich Exxon employee or hedgefund manager, I will push aside this silly idea. But until then, I will seek to find a guy who is just as fired up about social issues as I am and just as willing as me to dedicate his life to the “greater good.”

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