Day Two: What's really going on here?

Wow, on my second day of work. the House introduced a bill for a National Watermelon Month (HR 578). Now I know what our elected officials are really doing with their time on the Hill. Nope, they are dealing with the important issues of Iraq, the economy, education or crime. They're talking about the fact that almost every state grows watermelons and that "everybody loves watermelons." Okay, fine. I do love watermelons ,and the fact that a little town in Georgia is the top U.S. watermelon producer is great. But seriously, isn't there a bunch of other super-important matters to discuss today?

Don't worry, I won't blog everyday about the problems with the House. I just had to get this off my chest.


Heather said...

I'm so glad your job is going well so far and not too stressful. I thought of you Monday morning as I was getting ready - wondering if you were nervous. The retreat was fun but we really missed you!

Organica said...

I'm jealous that A-M got to see you yesterday! I'll definitely stop by your office over the summer. I hope that Day 3 and Day 4 went well...TGI Day 5!

Hippo Q. said...

You should totally come by this summer. We can meet for lunch or a happy hour. I sorta "see" you everyday when I look at the paper penguin on my desk. It reminds me of the good old days of apple breaks and "important meetings" in the conference room.