Friday Night @ Play Lounge

I went to Play Lounge on Friday night to celebrate a friend’s pseudo-birthday. I had a very good time. I met some interesting RPCVs who I hope to connect with again to talk about PC. One of whom, I am so sure I met before or at least he reminded me of the “I eschew you” guy that I met through L-M’s friends (Remember him, L-M?).

As soon as we walked in, my coworker observed that Play Lounge, in person, is absolutely nothing like the way it is characterized on its website. Some of the décor is reminiscent of you parent’s or grandparent’s 1970s basement. And I warn you not to plop down on the benches as they are very hard and clearly meant to be dance platforms for the girls. I did spot the striper pole and while I was there, only a handful of girls were bold enough to swing on it a bit. The pole really isn’t placed well as any trained dancer would quickly run into the wall if she started doing the normal moves.

The highlight was that it was a First Friday (and unfortunately, the last promotion of the year/season?) so there was an hour of open bar and $3 drinks thereafter. With the help of my friends, I stocked up on about 5 free drinks. So I was feeling pretty good.

Play Lounge isn’t a place that I’d recommend to my friends aside from the happy hour specials. The guy-girl ratio favored women and as expected, there were the normal groupings of wannabe players. Another unfortunate aspect is the coed, open bathroom. I kept getting a stall after a guy and of course, none of them are potty-trained (lift the seat up when you pee!). What a difference from the open bathrooms at Badlands/Apex. The girl’s bathroom was spotless so I didn’t mind sharing it with guys. Ah Badlands, good memories…

So Play Lounge gets a B+ because of the happy hour specials but take them away, and it’s only a grade C locale.

Next on my list is Fly Lounge.

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