Suiting: Part II

Yesterday evening, I took a stroll down to Georgetown to look for a black suit. It turns out that even the smaller size suit jacket at Banana Republic doesn't look right on me. So, it looks like I'll have to return the suit. I also checked out the suits at Anne Taylor, Benetton, J. Crew and BCBG. Most of the suits I saw were too trendy/old-ladyish, unflattering on my figure, with icky fabric, or way over my budget.

But, I lucked out! Benetton is having a 40% off suit sale right now. I scored a great black pinstripe suit (suit, jacket, and slacks) for a little over $200. That's compared to the jacket I bought at BR for the same price. It's true that you get what you pay for. I've purchased things at Benetton and the quality of their clothing is okay. The key is that the suit fits my shape properly and I have cash left over for other professional wear (e.g., basic brown suit and tops). Also, I've decided that Peace Corps is still the most likely option in 2009 and that I shouldn't spend lots of cash on a suit that I might not be able to wear when I return. I've heard that female PCVs tend to gain weight during service while most of the guys lose weight. So, I'm prepared to return from service with a little extra padding.

There is one problem, or at least something that I need to accept. My suit pants are pleated. Yes Organica, I know. I made a face when the sales clerk showed them to me. I thought that pleated pants were outlawed in the 1990s, but apparently not. They were just outlawed for fashionable folks. I'm not fashionable so I can get away with it, right? I just hope that I don't look like an old lady. The good thing is that the pants are low-rise and have lovely wide, long pants legs.

So, I think my suiting problem has been solved, and I can focus on mentally preparing for a new commute, schedule, office space, and work life.

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What do you know? One of the blogs I normally check, The DC Concierge, has an article on finding suits in DC: