Hippo on the Hill

Quick announcement

I got a call from the Hill this morning. I got the staff assistant job I applied for! I start in two weeks on April 28!

I told my supervisor a few hours after I got the call. There was definitely a little drama after I told him but he calmed down by the end of the day.

Thank you to everyone who’s been cheering me on during the whole process. I could not have done this without you!


Organica said...

I can't believe I'm going to have to spend my last 2 weeks at [non-profit name] without you! I sure hope you can be on g-chat on the Hill. Maybe not. =( I'm sad you're leaving, but very excited for you!!

I definitely want to hear about the "drama" when you told SN. I bet he was super surprised. But that's just how things go - supervisors need to be mature and realize that 2 years is a really reasonable stay for a entry-level position. Your program was lucky to have you for so long!

Looks like things are on track! Hill then Peace Corps. Yay!!

Hippo Q. said...

O, thanks for all of your help during the past few months. Your writing, cheerleading, and career counseling services were invaluble in helping me get this job. You rule!

I will miss you too, but we'll definitely stay in touch. I'm so happy that we're both taking "next steps" in this journey called life!