Monday, already?

Yay, I didn't get electrocuted! I attend the GreenApple Festival Earth Day Event on the National Mall on Sunday. I got to check out a few booths and hear some interesting music. The highlight was definitely seeing Ed Norton and Chevy Chase, but the cool music I heard when I first arrived (before it started pouring) was great. I haven't heard good live rock music in a while so I guess a trip to the Black Cat or the 930 Club is overdue.

Gosh, the rain never stopped. In fact, I was drenched by the time I made it to Union Station and therefore, I was unable to check out the sale racks. But nevermind, I already scored a brown suit last Friday at Macy's. I think that my Hill wardrobe is now complete--at least until mid-summer, when I'll start getting tired of my clothing combinations.

It's amazing that I only have one more week until I start on the Hill. Everything has been so surreal, and I don't think that I'll wake up until after the "honeymoon period" at my new job. I will truly miss my current job--mainly my coworker-friends. I know that it is very rare to find good friends at work, let alone a bunch of people that you can go camping with or invite to a crazy night out in Adam's Morgan. They have been my advisors, editors, jesters, psychiatrists, alcohol enablers, etc during the past two years and I will miss our shenanigans. I know that I will have to find new peeps on the Hill, but I will always stay connected to those who know me best.

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